Older marbles and packaged marbles.

The following items represent items we came across over the years at
the marble factories, various antique centers etc.
I have included any History we may have on them as to when
and where we aquired them.


Just some common 9/16" clays we picked up near
Lodi, NY about 10 years ago.
Assortment of 10 marbles $8.00

These were distributed by Marble King for a number of years, their authenticity has been verified by Beri Fox, manager & owner of Marble King. We got them at an Antique shop in WV.
$6.00 each

These came from the old storage buildings at
Champion Agate in Pennsboro,WV.
Each contains 20 Cat Eye and Patch style marbles.
$7.00 each

Champion 5's (below)
Most of these have five 7/8" clearies,
a few packages have one marble that is an Old Fashion style.
$5.00 each

These (left and below) also came from the storage building at Champion Agate that burned down quite a few years ago. It was an interesting place, originally an old factory, it had a stream that ran under it and at one point a section of floor had fallen through. Instead of fixing it they piled boxes of marbles on the ground and planks across them, as the lower boxes disintegrated they piled more boxes on top of them. This area became known as "The Pit" and in the Spring of 1991 a group of people bought the rights to dig it out. They shoveled them out into 55 gal. drums, most of the marbles were rejects of some kind, solid colors and clearies but there were a few interesting looking ones as well.
We know there are still some of these left but they were never washed so they are pretty dirty and some have gotten rusty from the barrels.

These red boxes were what the marble companies would send to the stores that bought their marbles, it was then up to the individual merchant to decide how many marbles they wanted to put in for 10 cents. These boxes were never used, are still folded flat and most still have the cardboard that was die cut and would normally be punched out so you could see the marbles inside. They are in excellent condition.
$5.00 each

Sets of 60 Chinese Checker marbles packaged by Champion Agate Co. for Copp Clark Games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Headers were printed on a lighter weight slick paper which did not hold up well, they have many creases. Most likely from the mid to late 1960's.
$6.00 each
10 count Cat Eye Marbles packaged by Heaton Agate Co. of Cairo, WV. It has the seam down the middle back of the plastic bag. Most are in fairly good condition.
$7.00 each

These next items (left and below) came from the personal collection of the late Mr. Jim Ridpath, president and founder of the National Marble Club of America.
When he moved a number of years ago he needed to scale back on the over 4.5 Million marbles in his collection, he invited us up and gave us an interesting assortment of packaged and loose marbles.

4 count Gladding Vitro 7/8" - 1" Cat Eye "Tournament Shooters" many contain hybrids. Headers have some folds but most have held up well.
$6.00 each

Front and back (right) of bags.
Single color $3.00 ea.
Hybrids $5.00 ea.
Mr. Ridpath had a huge old water jug that stood about 2' tall and 11" diameter, this was filled with 3 layers of marbles these 1" Gladding-Vitro Cat Eyes were the middle layer.
He said he filled the jar in the mid 50's, the marbles are in excellent condition and nearly half are hybrids.

These are the 1" ceramic? marbles
that were in the jug with the ones above.
$2.00 ea.

ridpath jar 2
ridpath jar 1

For the Bicentennial the marble factories got together and all contributed to these packages.
This example is from one of the later packings
and is mostly cat eyes and clearies.
$10.00 ea.
aoa marble3
aoa marble2

These 3 shots show different views of the
Attack on America" marbles made for the WV Red Cross after 9/11.
$5.00 ea. SOLD OUT
Below are the front and back views of some of the limited edition (500) packaged sets that were made up. The are numbered and initialed.
$10.00 set
aoa marble4


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