Presidential Sets

There are 2 versions available, the new ones are done with the new glass decal method which allows for much greater detail and durability. They come in a nicely finished box with the words "Presidential Marble Collector Set" and "Jabo, Inc. 2003" woodburned on the top. We have added a marble with a picture of the White House on it.

$150.00 per set. SOLD OUT

Below is one of the original limited edition sets printed by Bonnie McCullough on 1" Jabo marbles around 1993 or '94, they have Presidents Washington to Clinton and their dates in Office. They have been updated with a George W. Bush commorative 'Attack on America' marble printed in 2001 for a WV Red Cross center. Several items of interest to note which improves their collectibility: The Clinton marble has the dates 1993 - 97 as they were printed before he was reelected. The Polk marble has a misprint and the date says 1485 - 49 instead of 1845 - 49. We have 1 set left, one set that has the circle of stars printed in Blue, which is more common. There was one set that had the stars in Green which was much more rare. Each set also includes a white 7/8" marble with USA printed in Red on one side and Blue on the other. They come in a handmade unfinished poplar box with slide out plexiglass cover. She is no longer printing them and sold the Art to another printer, we do not believe they have continued production.

Presidential Set with Blue Stars: $200.00
We have added a Bush 'Attack on America' marble and a plain white w/Black ink Obama marble.

Presidential Set with Blue Stars.

Stars can be seen on the Hayes & Nixon marbles on the left side of the box.
The ring of Stars completely encircles the marble.

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