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May 2012

Most of our game boards are made of Pine, which is drilled, finely sanded, and stained either DARK (Red Mahogany) MEDIUM (Special Walnut), or LIGHT (Golden Oak). They are then finished with three coats of water based polyurethane Most of the games are also available in the following colors: RED, YELLOW, TURQUOISE BLUE, ORANGE, HOT PINK, PURPLE, GREEN & BLACK. All colors may not always be available so please indicate a
second choice. Please remember that each dye lot will vary somewhat in color. Prices may be subject to change.

All of these game boards come with the marbles needed for play, 2 extra marbles of each color, instructions for play and a soft cloth marble bag.

CHINESE CHECKERS: A classic game for 2 to 6 players. The first player to get all 10 of their marbles across the board and into the opposite point of the star wins.
C1: Small: 11" X 14" X 1" plain $36.00
Small Tye Dye $56.00
Brass Handle: $ 3.00
Small Brass Corners: $ 4.00 set
Large Brass Corners. $ 5.00 set
Storage: 11" X 14" X 2" $60.00 (w/ handle $63.00)
has internal marble storage holes covered with snap on leather straps. (Special Order)

Hardwoods are available at Market Price and sizes by availability. Special orders will require extra time.

C2: Round: 18" diameter $70.00 (w/ handle $73.00)
18" Round Tye Dye $92.00 (w/handle $95.00)
Small Round: 15" diameter $50.00
Small Round Tye Dye: $70.00
15" or 18" round in any of the Colors listed above: add $3.00, and allow extra time.

WAH-HOO: Also known as Parcheesi, Dirty Marbles or Aggravation. The players race around the board in accordance with the roll of a die. If someone lands on one of your marbles, it must be returned to the starting point and begin all over again.
W1: Small: (2 to 4 Players) 11" X 11" X 1" $32.00
Small Tye Dye: $52.00
Corners and Handles available as listed for C1
W2: Round: (2 to 6 Players) 18" diameter $65.00
Small Round: (2 to 4 Players) 15" diameter $50.00
Small Round Tye Dye: $70.00 (Special Order)
2 Sided: Chinese Checkers on one side and Wah-Hoo on the other. Limited Availability.
18" Round $95.00 (6 player Wah-Hoo)
15" Round $70.00 (4 Player Wah-Hoo)

C2 & W2 may also be special ordered in any of the colors or Tye Dyed. Add $22.00 for Lg. Tye Dye, $20.00 for small 4 player, $3.00 for solid color.

ORBIT©: A Marble Man original ! 2 to 4 players each have 3 marbles that '’Orbit” the concentric rings according to the roll of a die. They work their way to the center of the board by landing on the specially marked chutes. There are free spaces, missed turns and sending players back spaces, lots of fun.
O1: Orbit: (2 to 4 Players) 11" X 11" X 1" $36.00

All of these games include the marbles needed for play, 2 extra marbles of each color and instructions for play. They are available in any of the NATURAL finishes or any of the COLORS listed above. Cloth bags are included only where noted, they are available separately for $2.00 each.


CRIBBAGE: A special oversized© scoreboard for the classic card game that has been around since the 1600's.
Includes a cloth bag. Cards not included.
CR: Cribbage 5 1/2" X 30" X 1" $35.00
Colors and Tye Dye available by special order.
Tye Dye: $55.00 Color: $38.00

OWARI / MANCALA: An ancient game from Africa, also called The Counting Game. 2 players take turn picking up and 'sowing' the flat marbles around the 12 scoops in the board in the attempt to capture all the pieces. A great game to help kids learn Math, excellent fun for adults also. Our oversized© game board comes with 80 marbles & cloth bag included.
O2: Owari / Mancala 7" X 27" X 2" $78.00 TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.
Colors and Tye Dye available by special order.
Tye Dye: $98.00. Color: $78.00

SIAMESE CHECKERS: Chinese Checkers for 2 players. A unique© version of Chinese Checkers specially made for two. It eliminates the extra side holes so you cannot go around the other player. Lots of fun Cloth bag included.
C3: Siamese Checkers 5 1/2" X 14" X 1" plain $25.00
Tye Dye: 5 1/2" X 14" X 2" $45.00
Storage: 5 1/2" X 14" X 2" $42.00
has internal marble storage holes covered with a snap on leather strap.

ATTACK: 2 Marbles defend a home zone against 24 attackers. Different move strategies and restrictions even up the odds.
M1: Attack 7" X 10" X 1" $22.00

9 MARBLES MORRIS: The origins of this game are from ancient Egypt and it was a favorite game of the Scottish. Marbles are placed on the board in turn trying to get three in a row of your own marbles in order to remove your opponents. While easy to learn it requires careful strategy to block and eliminate your opponent.
M2: 9 Marbles Morris 7" X 10" X 1" $22.00

4 - THOUGHT©: Another Marble Man original. By placing marbles one at a time in turn, each player tries to make as many rows and squares of four marbles before your opponent can block you. Points are scored when the board is full. Features a routed tray at either end for marbles.
M3: 4-Thought 7" X 13" X 1" $26.00

ROUND UP: Originally known as "Alquerque" The Moors brought it to Spain hundreds of years ago. It is basically an early form of Checkers, the object is to jump and capture all of your opponents marbles. These are 2-sided with Solitaire 2 on the back, it comes with instructions and marbles for both games.
M5 Round Up 5 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 1 1/2” $20.00

TIC TAC TOE: Three in a row.
T1: Small Hardwood 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 1" $10.00
Currently have Cedar. Oak, Black Walnut or Poplar.

Storage TTT: 4" X 4" X 2" $16.00
with internal marble storage holes covered with snap on leather strap.

Large TTT: 51/2" X 51/2" X 1" $15.00

F2: Small 2-sided: Full Circle on one side Tic Tac Toe on the other. 4" x 4" x 1 1/2" $12.00
See Solitaire games below for more on Full Circle.

All of these games come with the marbles needed for play, plus 2 extras of each color and the instructions for play, but not the solution, that is up to you! They are available in any of the NATURAL or COLOR finishes listed above.

SOLITAIRE #1 / FOX & GEESE: Two games on one board. Solitaire is classically known as Hi-Q, or the General Grant board. Start with the center hole empty and jump and remove the marbles until only one is left, hopefully in the center hole. The second game is Fox & Geese, also known as Fox & Hounds it was a popular game during the settlers time. Well planned strategy is the key to this game. A single larger marble defends itself against the 15 'geese' who are trying to surround and 'capture' it before the 'fox can 'gobble up' all the 'geese' by jumping over them.
S1: Small Round: 9 1/2" diameter $28.00
Tye Dye $45.00

S1L: An 15" round version of the game above, comes with 7/8" marbles. $50.00

SOLITAIRE #2: The 15 hole triangular version of the game above. Start with the empty hole anywhere and jump and remove marbles until only one remains.
S2: Small: With a routed tray for marbles 5 1/4" X 7" X 1" $16.00
Storage: 5 1/2" X 5 1/2" X 2" $20.00
with internal marble storage holes covered with snap on leather strap.
Large triangle: w/ 7/8" marbles 8" X 9" X 1" $20.00
2 Sided: Solitaire on one side, the 2 player game Round Up on the other.
5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2" $20.00

SWITCH: Through a series of moves and jumps you try to reverse the position of 2 colors of marbles.
S3: Switch: w/ 7/8" marbles 1 1/12" X 12" X 1" $ 12.00

ARCH BOARD: A skill builder for upcoming marble shooters and fun for the experienced. Draw a line several feet from where you place the board and try to shoot a marble through the arches, smaller arches are worth more points than central larger one. Comes with 2 regulation 3/4" shooters.
AB: Arch Board: 2 1/2" X 10" X 1" $12.00 (oak stain only)

FULL CIRCLE: Place a marble and follow the lines to the next connecting hole, win if you place all 8 marbles.
Good for the younger children.
F2: Small 2-sided: Full Circle on one side Tic Tac Toe on the other. 4" x 4" x 1 1/2" $12.00

CROSS OVER: Three marbles of one color are surrounded by thirteen of a contrasting color. Through a series of jumps the player tries to transpose the pattern to the opposite side of the board.
XI: Cross Over: 7" X 7" X 1" $16.00

14 MOVES: Moving as you do for Chinese Checkers you want to get all 10 of the marbles across to the opposite point in 14 moves. 5 1/2" x 8" x 1" $15.00

Put the marbles in the top and watch them race down the tracks.

MR1: SINGLE TRACK RUN©: The first style is a single track wrapping around central columns as it descends. Overall dimensions are 5 1/2" X 20" X 17" tall, the marbles drop from a top catch tray then race down the straight rails and around the ends on a curved track, 7 ramps in all to land spinning in the bottom catch tray.
It comes with 20 regular marbles and two 7/8" marbles and a marble bag. $85.00

Note: Marble runs have to be packed in an oversized box and will require some additional shipping charges.

MR2: DOUBLE TRACK RACING RUN©: The second style is a double track racing marble run is 5" wide 19" tall and 20" long sporting a total of 7 double ramps, it includes a catch tray and features a removable bridge that is tied on so the marbles can be stacked behind it and released when bridge is lifted.
It comes with 20 regular marbles and a marble bag. $80.00

Unique game boards silk-screened in white ink on a variety of different colored 22" square bandannas. They come with FLAT marbles. Just roll the marbles up in the bandanna and take it to the beach, pool, picnic, on a boat, anywhere Instructions and extra marbles included.

WAH-HOO (6 PLAYER) $12.00
ORBIT© $12.00


SHOOTER SET: Everything you need to get down and start playing marbles.
28 regular 9/16" & 5/8" marbles, 2 Flat marbles for markers, 5 Lustre & Frostie style marbles, 2 Regulation 3/4" Shooters, 2 Pee Wees under 1/2", 1 Boulder 7/8" marble, 1 Masher 1 1/4" marble, Cloth bag with drawstring, 32 page booklet of 22 shootin' games, a brief History of marbles and other interesting marble facts. $10.00 each.
Shooter set is available with a leather bag for $12.00

Plastic marble stands, Cone shaped about 3/4" high in Black or Clear: $1.00 each
Plastic marble stands, ring shaped 5/8" diam., 1/4' tall, Black or Clear: $1.00 for 4

Shootin' Marbles" by Jack & Sue Hahn
A 32 page booklet of Rules for 22 different "Shootin"' games, also features a brief history of marbles and how they are made. $2.50


Pee Wees: Anything round under 1/2" $1.00 for 4 marbles
9/16" TO 5/8" Round $1.00 for 10 marbles
1/2" (approx.) Flat $1.00 for 10 marbles
3/4" Round Shooters $1.00 for 4 marbles
7/8" 1" Round $1.00 for 2 marbles
1 3/8" Round $1.00 each
1 5/8" Round $2.00 each

9/16" Round & Flat $ 1.00 for 8 marbles
7/8” Round $1.00 for 2 marbles
1 1/4" Round (Lustre only) $ 1.25 to $1.50 each
1 5/8" Round $3.00 each
1 7/8" Round $5.00 each

Cloth Bags: Velvet like cloth bags made of robing flannel with grosgrain ribbon drawstring.
5" X 6" Various colors. $2.00

Leather & Suede Bags: with rawhide drawstring. Various colors & natural.
4" X 6" (approx.) $4.00

An 8 oz. jar filled with dozens of marbles in assorted sizes including at least one 7/8" Masher. The Ingredients © label lists: Manic Mondays, Bad Hair Days, Missed Anniversaries, Botched Birthdays, Stupid Questions, Lost Luggage etc. It makes a great gift for that person you know who has "Lost all their Marbles”
'’Lost MarbIes’' Jar: $8.00

Postage & Handling: Please call or e-mail for Postage estimate.


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